"Waxing done the right way"
Hi there!
My name is Alexandra and I am a licensed Esthetician.
I have been waxing for over a year, I've worked at all the well known wax bars in Toronto and really enjoyed my intereaction with the clients and I listened to their feedback and I wasn't happy with how these bigger wax bars only cared about how much money they could possibly squeeze out of the customer and not paying enough attention on the quality of the service. I left and decided that I will start my own home based waxing salon that will provide you the customer with everything these companies fail to do. I am professional, experienced, passionate and 100 percent customer service oriented. I want to make your waxing experience as less stressful as it could possibly be, while making sure you leave here smooth as a baby's bum.
It's my pleasure to make your life a life a little more smooth.